Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a public university that is dedicated to excellence in research. This research is expressed through top-quality, publicly available research contributions. In the area of cryptography, the university has strong expertise in the field of post-quantum cryptography and secure network protocols.

The research results obtained in the Confidential6G project will contribute to publications in top venues and to the education of current and future students at TU/e, which provides a 2-year master program in cybersecurity with several specialized courses dedicated to cryptography and security. Moreover, the project will directly involve the training of a PhD student in cryptography in an area that is immensely important for our digital society.

TU/e will make all research available free and open in order to maximize the chance of adoption and standardization. The code produced by TU/e will be licensed in an open way (public domain or CC0). For previous results this approach has led to adoption by IETF and NIST as well as major industry players (Apple, Cloudflare, Google, WhatsApp) and inclusion in browsers, thus practically contributing to better security.

Role in the project

In the Confidential6G project, TU/e will take a leading role in the development of building blocks that are secure against attacks even with a quantum computer and in designing networking protocols and proving their security.

Furthermore, TU/e will work in standardization bodies toward standardizing the results of Confidential6G and so support their adoption in practice.