Confidential Computing and Privacy-preserving Technologies for 6G

CONFIDENTIAL6G will develop cryptographic quantum-resistant protocols and security proofs tools, libraries, mechanism and architectural blueprints for confidentiality in 6G.



Cryptographic enablers for confidential computing (FHE, SMPC, TEE) and post-quantum networking. DLT privacy enablers (ZKP). Support for emdedded edge devices and HW.


Confidential Computing


Confidential Computing via FHE, SMPC and HW TEEs. Colaborative AI/ML. Confidential containers. Remote attestations. Secure enclave abstractions. Secure key distribution.


Confidential Networking


Post-quantum secure network protocols. Secure data sharing and access control. Private blockchain Smart Contracts, DIDs and VCs. Federated AI/ML orchestration.

CONFIDENTIAL6G will research post-quantum cryptography (PQC) in order to create tools, libraries, SDKs and other artifacts needed for future 6G technologies


Domain #1

Confidential Computing Enablers

Confidential Computing enablers: Lattice-based cryptography for Fully Homomorphic Encryption, Secure Multi-party Computation, TEE attestation handling, collaborative AI/ML


Domain #2

Secure Communication Enablers

Confidential Communication enablers: PQC TLS and other protocols10, Blockchain-based data exchange, Zero-knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), confidential Smart Contracts, Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs), and a new concept of Anonymous Credentials (AC)


Domain #3

IoT Security Enablers

Confidential Edge and IoT enablers: embedded FHE, PQC for constrained devices, large-scale networks of connected devices involved in federated learning and cryptography necessary to support this.


In CONFIDENTIAL6G, our goal is to ensure secure and private computation in the cloud-edge continuum of 6G by developing modern cryptographic techniques, tools, and libraries. We recognize the importance of implementing privacy preservation and security of data in heterogeneous environments and contexts, and thus, we prioritize researching security enablers. We aim to tackle the potential danger posed by near-future quantum computers, which can break contemporary encryptions, by exploring novel cryptographic operations


Consortium combines the industrial expertise from industry, SMEs and academic and research excellence


including Austria, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Finland and Serbia.


CONFIDENTIAL6G project is financed by EU Commission with the total budget of 5 mil EU.

Project Partners

We are proud to collaborate with a diverse group of project partners who share our vision and commitment to excellence.

Latest News

UCD Presents TRUST-SPEC: Advancing Wireless Communication


UCD has presented their work at the recent Deep Tech Partner Opportunity Platform event held in Cork, hosted at the Tyndall National Institute.

Pramitha Fernando and Chamara Sandeepa, two of our UCD team members, performed a pitch on our TRUST-SPEC directive…

Telefonica and Zentrix Lab introduced CONFIDENTIAL6G project at the OpenInfra Edge Computing Working Group


Telefonica and Zentrix Lab introduced CONFIDENTIAL6G project at the OpenInfra Edge Computing Working Group, with the presence from Verizon, RackN, Inria, and the OpenInfra Foundation…

The CONFIDENTIAL6G project is on Zenodo!


We are happy to announce that papers from CONFIDENTIAL6G researchers have already received 100+ downloads. This is how CONFIDENTIAL6G enhances the visibility of research while also ensuring its long-term preservation and accessibility…..

Confidential6G at CINC23: Building a Safer Digital Future


Madhusanka Liyanage from UCD, representing our CONFIDENTIAL6G project, recently joined at CINC23 held on Wednesday, 27th September, in Galway. This event provides a unique platform, bringing together….

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