CONFIDENTIAL6G 3rd Plenary Meeting

The 3rd plenary meeting of the CONFIDENTIAL6G project took place on the 31st of October in Pancevo, Serbia hosted by Zentrix. The discussions revolved around the three main pillars of CONFIDENTIAL6G: Post-quantum cryptography, Confidential Computing and Confidential Communication. With the advent of quantum computing, traditional cryptographic algorithms are facing the risk of becoming obsolete due to their vulnerability to quantum attacks.

This has led to the emergence of post-quantum cryptography (PQC), which focuses on developing cryptographic schemes resistant to both classical and quantum computers. In this direction, the consortium is working, among others, on an analysis on the post-quantum threats and tooling ecosystem, including a detailed analysis on the challenges of the migration towards post quantum cryptography infrastructures. Part of the work has also been towards improving existing tools and designing new ones for easier and more secure handling of Trusted Execution Environments​.

Beyond the discussions on the progress on the above-mentioned topics, discussions have also focused on the progress on the definition of requirements and the specification of architecture for confidential computing and confidential networking. CONFIDENTIAL6G will test and validate the developed solutions in three use cases: 1) Predictive maintenance for airline consortium; 2) Mitigation of internal threats for telecom cloud providers and 3) Intelligent connected vehicle for mission-critical services and OTA updates. Requirements from these use cases are also being considered for the specification of the architecture for Confidential Computing and Confidential Networking and implementation plans for those use cases were also discussed during the meeting.

The meeting closed with an overview of the project’s dissemination activities which include several paper publications from consortium partners and participation in diverse SNS JU activities, conferences, and relevant events.

At the end of the year the project will have its first public deliverables ready so stay tuned follow the project news on the project website and social media:


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