CONFIDENTIAL6G at was presented at the IFIP Networking 2023 Conference (NETWORKING 2023) and CITEA Digital Cyprus Conference 2023

CONFIDENTIAL6G was presented by Nicolas Kourtellis from Telefonica at two conferences, namely the IFIP Networking 2023 Conference (NETWORKING 2023) in Barcelona, Spain, held from June 12th to June 15th, and the CITEA Digital Cyprus Conference 2023 held in Nicosia, Cyprus, on June 22nd. These events provided an excellent opportunity for Kourtellis to showcase the innovative work being done on the CONFIDENTIAL6G project.

The main objective of Networking 2023 was to bring together experts from academia and industry in the networking community to discuss the latest advancements in the field. Covering various aspects such as network architectures, applications, services, modeling, analysis, operation, security, privacy, and wireless networking, the conference aimed to address key issues, identify trends, and develop a vision for the future of the Internet.

During the conference, Nicolas Kourtellis, Head of the Systems AI Lab (SAIL) and Co-Director of Telefonica Research, delivered a talk titled “Powering the Next Generation Networks with Privacy-Preserving Artificial Intelligence.” He shared insights into the challenges faced by modern telecommunication networks and presented Telefonica’s innovative methods, including privacy-preserving artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and edge computing, as solutions to these challenges. These methods will be utilized in the CONFIDENTIAL6G project.

The CITEA Digital Cyprus Conference 2023 took place on June 22nd in Nicosia, Cyprus. It centered around the transformative potential of smart technologies in different aspects of life, such as cities, lifestyle, industries, economy, and businesses. The primary objective of the conference was to showcase the applications and emerging trends of smart technologies, which are anticipated to reshape the business and social landscape in the near future. Esteemed digital experts from the industry delivered presentations, sharing their insights and motivating the attendees to explore essential strategies for implementing smart initiatives. These initiatives aimed to facilitate improved business decision-making, enhanced operational efficiency, increased customer engagement, and the cultivation of a digital culture within organizations.

During the conference, a session titled “The Next Generation Networks with Privacy-Preserving Artificial Intelligence” was conducted. This session explored the complexities of today’s telecommunications networks and the limitations of traditional network management solutions. Nicolas Kourtellis, representing Telefonica, shared insights on how novel methodologies based on privacy-preserving artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and edge computing can enable more secure, private, and scalable systems and networks to meet the needs of future networks and applications, including the upcoming 5G and 6G networks.

Participants in these events had the opportunity to learn about the potential and innovative methods employed in the CONFIDENTIAL6G project. Telefonica plays a crucial role in CONFIDENTIAL6G by leading Work Package 5, which focuses on use cases. This highlights Telefonica’s commitment to driving innovation in network management.

Academics and industry professionals attending the events had the chance to understand the mission and objectives of the CONFIDENTIAL6G project, as well as its potential to transform network management. The project gained valuable exposure among networking experts, solidifying its presence within the networking community.