CONFIDENTIAL6G project was presented at the Monero Konferenco

CONFIDENTIAL6G project was presented at the Monero Konferenco, a 3-day conference held in Praha from 23-26 June! Monero Konferenco is a renowned event that brings together scientists, researchers, and experts in Blockchain, cryptography, privacy, and cryptocurrency.

Our researchers from FRIEDRICH-ALEXANDER-UNIVERSITAET ERLANGEN-NUERNBERG (FAU), Prof. Dr. Dominique Schroeder and Julian Kotzur, had the opportunity to share their work presented in the paper “PayMo: Verifiable Timed Linkable Ring Signatures for Scalable Payments for Monero” on Day 2 of the conference. They highlighted how their work aligns with the blockchain goals of WP2. It was a great chance to disseminate our project to the research and scientific community, as well as blockchain enthusiasts.

To learn more about their work, we invite you to read their paper: