CONFIDENTIAL6G at ETSI Workshop 2023

Nokia, Zentrix, University College Dublin participated at the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) Conference, which took place in Sophia Antipolis, France, in the beginning of February 2023. The partners were invited and had a chance to present the project to the European 6G research and standardization community. The project aims to create a post-quantum resilient communication and service infrastructure that can provide secure communication, user privacy, and data protection with recommendations to different standardization bodies.

ETSI, as a European Standards Organization (ESO), will provide an open, inclusive, and collaborative environment for its 900+ member organizations, drawn from over 60 countries and five continents, to participate in the conference. With its special role in Europe, ETSI supports regulations and legislation through the creation of Harmonized European Standards, which are recognized as European Standards (ENs). The conference will explore other potential areas for standardization in the 6G industry, facilitating collaboration and cooperation in the development of the 6G infrastructure to meet the needs of both industry and society.