Dr. Luis Muñoz-González from Telefonica represented CONFIDENTIAL6G at Corunna Innovate Summit

During October 26th and 27th, the Centro de Servicios Avanzados (CSA) in Cidade das TIC de A Coruña hosted the Corunna Innovate Summit. This event aimed to shape the future of society by sharing ideas about AI, data, and the Internet. It brought together smart thinkers to talk about new ideas and how to make society better.

Organized by DataSpartan, the event gathered experts in AI, data, and other tech areas. They worked on new technologies that could help companies grow faster and cheaper.

The speakers at this summit had a big goal—they wanted to change how society works for the better. They focused on making things smarter for the future. 

Overall, the summit gave everyone a chance to see what the future might hold and how to make it brighter for everyone.


Dr. Muñoz-González’s, from Telefonica, our project partner represented Confidential6G project, emphasizing that our collaboration goes beyond tech—it’s about finding ways to improve how we all connect and communicate. His representation at the summit highlighted how our partnership aims to make concrete improvements for better connectivity.


Telefónica I+D’s Contribution: Telefónica I+D (TID) is Telefónica’s innovation company. Established in 1988, they’re all about pushing ahead with new ideas and practices. Their Research group, formed in 2006, collaborates with various institutions, sharing their work through publications and technology transfer.

In our project, TID is deeply involved in the Confidential Networking Work Package, focusing on Requirements & Architecture, Confidential Orchestration, and Federated AI/ML. They lead in use cases and are driving intelligent vehicle services and communications advancements.

TID actively contributes to communication, dissemination, standardization, and exploitation activities, making sure our project’s impact spreads wide.