SECURENET 2024 Summit: Advancing Mobile Network Security

The SECURENET 2024 Summit, held at University College Dublin, was a landmark event organized jointly by the Network Softwarization and Security Labs (NETSLAB), research group at the UCD School of Computer and Science, SFI Connect Center and the Horizon Europe CONFIDENTIAL6G project.

This summit aimed to address the security and privacy challenges of future mobile networks, focusing on 5G and 6G technologies. Central topics included security and privacy in AI technologies, AI-based security solutions for wireless systems, security of federated learning systems, zero-touch security solutions, and the integration of edge AI in security frameworks.


Highlights from the Summit Sessions

Opening Remarks: Dr. Bartlomiej Siniarski introduced the summit with a focus on the security challenges in IoT networks, emphasizing ongoing projects aiming to bolster network security and performance in 5G and beyond.

Welcome Speech: Prof. Liam Murphy provided an overview of UCD’s contributions to computer science, particularly in performance engineering and network security, setting the stage for a day of in-depth technical discussions.

Introduction to Netslab: Assoc. Prof. Madhusanka Liyanage detailed Netslab’s pivotal role in pioneering secure network technologies, particularly through AI and blockchain, and highlighted its global influence in network security research.


Technical Sessions:

  • Dr. Luis Muñoz-González from Telefonica discussed strategies to counteract poisoning attacks in federated learning, introducing robust techniques to enhance model reliability.
  • Dr. Sandra Scott-Hayward explored the integration of space-air-ground networks and the security implications of these expansive systems.
  • A collaborative presentation by Konstantinos Lessis and Dr. Christina Karousatou covered the application of homomorphic encryption in federated learning to ensure data privacy.
  • Dr. Shushu Liu’s session on confidential computing delved into technologies ensuring data security in the upcoming 6G networks.
  • Dr. Engin Zeydan spoke on advances in network orchestration, focusing on AI and blockchain for enhancing security and trust in network management.


Panel Discussion: “Safeguarding Tomorrow’s Connectivity”

The summit concluded with a thought-provoking panel discussion led by Drasko Draskovic of Abstract Machines. The panel, expertly moderated by Draskovic, featured prominent figures like Nenad Gligoric (Zentrix Lab), Luis Munoz Gonzales (Telefonica), Shushu Liu (Nokia France), Christina Karousatou (Wings), and Engin Zeydan (CTTC). They discussed strategic innovations and collaborative approaches to network security, emphasizing the need for a unified approach to tackle the ever-evolving security threats. Key points included:

  • Emerging Threats: Panelists discussed strategies to preemptively address new vulnerabilities introduced by advanced network technologies.
  • Ethical Data Handling: A significant focus was on maintaining user privacy and ethical considerations in data handling, especially in AI-driven processes.
  • Collaborative Security Efforts: The necessity for global collaboration in developing security standards and practices to protect against sophisticated cyber threats was emphasized.

The SECURENET 2024 Summit not only highlighted critical advancements in network security but also fostered a shared understanding among leaders in academia and industry. This collaborative effort under the CONFIDENTIAL6G initiative is set to significantly influence the future of secure mobile networks, ensuring that security and privacy considerations keep pace with technological advancements.