UCD Presents TRUST-SPEC: Advancing Wireless Communication

UCD has presented their work at the recent Deep Tech Partner Opportunity Platform event held in Cork, hosted at the Tyndall National Institute.

Pramitha Fernando and Chamara Sandeepa, two of our UCD team members, performed a pitch on our TRUST-SPEC directive.

TRUST-SPEC represents a significant advancement in wireless communication technology, leveraging blockchain technology to enhance the security, flexibility, and efficiency of spectrum management. At the core of our presentation was the introduction of Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA), which dynamically allocates spectrum resources based on real-time demand and environmental conditions.

Through the use of blockchain, TRUST-SPEC ensures transparent and secure spectrum access while optimizing resource utilization. Security is a fundamental concern in wireless communication, and our solution addresses this by employing decentralized consensus mechanisms and cryptographic protocols to protect against malicious attacks and ensure data integrity.

Moreover, this solution prioritizes efficiency by streamlining spectrum allocation processes and minimizing wastage, ultimately leading to improved connectivity experiences and reduced operational costs.

University College Dublin (UCD) is a leading research-intensive university in Europe. With over 30,000 students from 120 countries, including 5,500 international students, UCD is globally engaged and ranks among the top 1% of institutions worldwide.

In the CONFIDENTIAL6G project, UCD focuses on research and development in blockchain and federated learning. With expertise in cryptography, machine learning, and blockchain, UCD aims to disseminate project results to industries and collaborate with European partners through existing research centers like CONNECT, Insight, and ML-Labs, supported by Science Foundation Ireland.