CONFIDENTIAL6G Project Meeting in Dublin, Ireland

CONFIDENTIAL6G consortium recently held a highly productive project meeting in Dublin, Ireland, hosted by the University College Dublin (UCD). The meeting, which took place on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2024, was a significant milestone in our journey towards pioneering advancements in 6G technology.

Day 1 – 22nd May 2024

The first day began with a warm welcome from UCD, setting the stage for insightful discussions and collaborative planning.

Welcome by UCD

Our host, UCD, greeted attendees and provided essential logistics information, establishing a positive tone for the meeting.

WP1: Overall Project Status Overview by WINGS

WINGS kicked off the sessions with a comprehensive overview of the project’s status, detailing achievements and outlining the next steps for continued progress.

WP2: Confidential Toolkit by NOKIA

NOKIA presented the latest developments in the Confidential Toolkit, showcasing innovative tools designed to enhance security and performance in 6G networks.

WP3: Confidential Computing by VTT

VTT’s session on Confidential Computing highlighted cutting-edge research and implementation strategies aimed at safeguarding data privacy and integrity.

WP4: Confidential Networking by NNF

NNF’s presentation on Confidential Networking explored innovative approaches to secure and efficient communication within 6G networks.

Social Dinner

The day concluded with a social dinner at the charming Old Mill Restaurant, offering a chance for team members to unwind and strengthen professional relationships over a delicious meal.

Day 2 – 23rd May 2024

The second day continued the momentum from the previous day, starting with discussions on practical use cases.

WP5: Use Cases by TID

TID led a session focused on practical use cases, demonstrating how our 6G innovations can be applied across various industries to drive technological advancements and societal benefits.

WP6: Dissemination, Standardisation, and Exploitation by ZEN

ZEN’s discussion on dissemination, standardisation, and exploitation emphasized the importance of strategic communication and collaboration to maximize the impact of our project outcomes.

Closing by WINGS

WINGS wrapped up the meeting with closing remarks, reflecting on the progress made and setting clear goals for the future.

The CONFIDENTIAL6G project meeting in Dublin was a resounding success, marked by productive discussions, valuable insights, and strengthened partnerships. We are grateful to UCD for hosting and to all our partners for their contributions. Together, we are driving the future of 6G technology, ensuring it is secure, efficient, and transformative.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards 6G innovation!