CONFIDENTIAL6G at CINC23: Building a Safer Digital Future

Madhusanka Liyanage from UCD, representing our CONFIDENTIAL6G project, recently joined at CINC23 held on Wednesday, 27th September, in Galway. This event provides a unique platform, bringing together the cybersecurity community to showcase the best of our cluster, discuss industry and country-specific cybersecurity challenges, and explore innovative solutions from Ireland and beyond.

CINC23 emphasized securing our digital future, recognizing Ireland’s significant cybersecurity contributions to the economy. The cross-collaboration between Industry, Academia, and Government at this event was a standout feature, marking it as the first of its kind for Ireland.
During the conference, key discussions surrounded:

  1. Stopping Cyber Conflicts: Strategies for global cooperation to prevent digital disputes.
  2. 2020’s Cyber Dangers: Predicting future cyber threats and challenges.
  3. AI and Security: Exploring the role of smart technology in safeguarding data.
  4. Future Cyber Workers: Planning for future cybersecurity job requirements.

Madhusanka spotlighted our commitment to enhancing communication security through the CONFIDENTIAL6G project. Our goal is to embed privacy and safety into the heart of how we connect.

CONFIDENTIAL6G remains dedicated to making communication safer. Our involvement at CINC23 was another milestone toward a secure and worry-free future of connectivity.